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Anatomy of Norbiton is put together by Toby Ferris.


"A dazzlingly strange thought-experiment in virtual topography, counterfactual space, town-planning and tapirs..."
Robert Macfarlane

"...hypnotic and astonishing and just a real delight"
M. John Harrison

"... a thing of strange and terrible beauty."
Frank Key

"... an extraordinary project, unlike anything else on the web."
Joanna Walsh



The anatomy is scheduled for completion in 2016.

new entries are posted at irregular intervals, usually of a few weeks.

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Coming soon: Taxonomical

Norbiton has long since established itself as a binomial city, but whether the generic name be Norbiton and the specific epithet Ideal, or the reverse, is still resolving...

isolation of the flower


Now posted: Structural

Where are the pillars of Norbiton? In what shifting sands do they plant their feet? What giddy, skyward brickwork do they sustain?

Somewhere in the ripple of events and forgetfulness of the Ideal City, you imagine, there will be structural members, load-bearing struts and spars and trusses, braced imagined corners, attic frames, sills and lintels. A diagram of forces.

load bearing struts

But not all structures are so easily legible....

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