tapir in a suit

anatomy of Norbiton





"A dazzlingly strange thought-experiment in virtual topography, counterfactual space, town-planning and tapirs..."
Robert Macfarlane

"...hypnotic and astonishing and just a real delight"
M. John Harrison

"... a thing of strange and terrible beauty."
Frank Key

"... an extraordinary project, unlike anything else on the web."
Joanna Walsh


Tapirman with a sausage


What sort of a life can you lead if you quit your job, sever all social ties, and allow yourself to glide to destruction on your meagre savings and ballooning credit?

The answer turns out to be, a surprisingly pleasant and constructive one.

Anatomy of Norbiton is a complete and systematic description of an attempt to build not just a life beyond failure, but the Ideal City of the Failed Life. In Norbiton.




Anatomy of Norbiton is put together by Toby Ferris. He is represented by Anna Webber at United Agents.

The tapirman drawings are by Anna Keen.