"...the errors of fact, taste, logic and proportion are poor things, but my own."
Northrop Frye Anatomy of Criticism





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about the Anatomy and Norbiton


tapir eating a sausageWhat sort of a life can you lead if you quit your job, sever all social ties, and allow yourself to glide to destruction on your meagre savings and ballooning credit?

The answer turns out to be, a surprisingly pleasant and constructive one.

The Anatomy of Norbiton is a complete and systematic description of an attempt to build not just a life beyond failure, but the Ideal City of the Failed Life.


What form does the anatomy take?

The Anatomy is a series of connected essays, arranged alphabetically. The essays examine every aspect of Norbitonia and failed culture in general – principally, but by no means exclusively, through the lens of the Florentine Renaissance.


Where is Norbiton?

Norbiton is a ward of the borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, South West London. The Ideal City of the Failed Life is superimposed on Norbiton.


where do I begin?

You could do worse than begin at the beginning. The essays are not only arranged alphabetically, but insofar as the Ideal City has a history and a narrative, chronologically.

Or you could start at the very beginning. The Ideal City also has a pre-history - and so there is also a prospectus which gives some essential background to the project. The prospectus starts here.